2010 Shelby GT500 5.4 Convertible

After a year of owning a grey 4.6 Gt Vert we decided that one day we would love a GT500, it was always a dream to own one but a pipe dream at that.

Sat surfing the net on a Friday (as you do) with a couple of beers on board and came across the Sterling Grey GT500 Convertible for sale at a dealership in Plymouth, also found a white GT500 vert at a Mustang dealer in Surrey, I rang both on the Saturday to talk through a potential deal and to be fair the dealer in Plymouth was brilliant over the phone, made me feel valued and offered a good p/x figure on ours, shame the same cant be said for the other dealer!

Forward to the next Saturday in July 2015 and there we were in Plymouth, looking at the Shelby centre stage in the dealers showroom, simply wow. Quick test drive that scared the living daylights out of me and then we drove to a Hotel for the night. In the Hotel, straight onto CJponyparts and bought a new set of pipes, we felt the stock one were too quiet.

That was the start…

We have now had the suspension changed, its been lowered, stripes changed, wheels dipped to match the stripes, new air filters new custome built centre pipes and its off to Modurstang in the new year for engine upgrades.

We are currently producing 565hp and are hoping to get 650-700hp in Jan.

(as of Nov 2016)